The care and comfort of our patients is our highest priority!

We strive to provide the finest dental care, using the most current technologies and practices, while also creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that allows for an all inclusive dental experience.

Calming Services

Deep IV Sedation*
“Sleep Dentistry”. Our board certified surgeons will safely administer medications through an IV that will bring you into a deep, dream like state. You will be very comfortable and likely not recall the procedure being performed, however you will continue to breathe naturally.

Conscious Oral Sedation*
Prescribed medication taken at the office that allows you to maintain a relaxed, sleep like state throughout. This can be mixed with laughing gas to achieve a slightly deeper state of relaxation.

Nitrous Oxide
“Laughing Gas”. A light relaxing effect that allows you to remain conscious throughout, and be able to safely drive yourself home afterwards.

* For certain types of sedation, you will need an escort over the age of 18yo with a valid drivers license to drive you home afterwards

Please don't hesitate to ask one of our team members for any of the complimentary comfort items below.

Patient Comforts

  • Free guest WiFi
  • Phone and tablet chargers
  • Beverage Center
  • Plush blankets
  • Ergonomic Neck pillow
  • Music of your choosing
  • Tranquility Oils
  • Disposable foam earplugs
  • Lip Balm
  • Wireless headphones