🌟 Key Points

  • Medications are important. We've got a plan, just follow along, BRING them in!
  • Dress comfortably and make a few simple preparations to ensure a smooth process.

💊 Medications

  • If we prescribed any meds, bring them all with you and we will administer them at the office.
  • If you have blood pressure medication please take it as your doctor has instructed.
  • Other meds? Please take post-surgery. If unsure? Call us prior to your appointment. We're here to help.
  • Any non-prescribed medications or drugs (CBCD, cannabis, etc) taken MUST be discussed with our team.

🍞 Pre-Surgery Diet

  • For A.M surgeries no eating or drinking after midnight the night before (other than brushing your teeth and taking any necessary medication). NO CAFFEINE!
  • For P.M surgeries a light meal like toast or yogurt is fine. NO food and drink 6 hours before the procedure.

👩‍🤝‍👨 Your Ride & Company

  • Bring an adult buddy! They'll need to stay during the procedure and drive you back.
  • Longer procedures we may let them leave, but we must meet them before meds are taken, unless prior discussion has been had with the doctor and office.

👚 Dressing for Comfort

  • Opt for loose clothing. Sleeves that roll up and comfy, low-heeled shoes are best.
  • You will feel tired after and want to go rest. Most important is to be comfortable!

✨ Prepping for Success

  • Keep contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures at home.
  • Skip the nail polish; Remove fake nails; our vital sign monitors work best without it.
  • Bring headphones, blankets, or anything that makes you feel at ease.

🤒 Feeling Under the Weather?

  • Cold, fever, or any symptoms? Give us a heads up before your procedure.
  • Cancellations w/in 48 hours may be subject to our cancellation fees depending on the surgery and length.

🚭 Smoking

  • NO smoking for 24 hours pre-surgery. Consider cutting back or quitting as your procedure date approaches.
  • Smoking will slow down the healing process pre and post surgery and increase chances in dry sockets, etc.

💌 Closing Note

Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. We're preparing for a seamless experience and we appreciate you doing your part. Reach out with any questions or concerns. Let's make this smooth together!