Below are a few essential instructions and reminders:

  1. Do NOT eat or drink anything for 6 hours before, nor should you take any medication not approved by the Doctor before your appointment.
  2. No alcohol, recreational drugs, or caffeine w/in 24 hours of your appt
  3. Do not eat or drink any grapefruit juice or product for 7 days before your appointment.
  4. The evening before your appointment (1-2 hrs before bed) take 1-pill if RX by Dr.
  5. Have your companion bring you to our office at (am / pm) sharp.
  6. On the day of your appt, take 1 sedation pill 1 - 1.5 hours before your appointment .
  7. NO driving yourself! An adult (18 years or older) must escort you into the office and not leave until the patient is assisted by the doctor or office team.
  8. Wear comfortable clothing, do not wear contact lenses and leave all personal items at home (ex: purse, jewelry, watch, etc.) the OFFICE is not responsible for lost items during.
  9. Sign to confirm there is no chance of pregnancy.
  10. Confirm NO changes in medical history since my sedation consult.
  11. Please note: A NON - REFUNDABLE $250 "Cancellation Fee" applies to appointments canceled or missed within 48 hours. While we consider special circumstances, longer appointments entail extensive planning.
  12. There will be a $150 fee if you do not have your medications or need additional medication during the appointment, the office will provide them for you.

We know the timing may be complicated, but we assure you it is critical.

Also, we have found that many patients benefit from natural healing agents that can be purchased at local drug stores. Vitamin C (1000mg taken 3x a day) and Enzyme Co Q 10 (50mg taken 2x a day) will boost your system and aid in producing an excellent healing experience. We recommend beginning this vitamin regimen 1 week before the appointment and continue for at least 2 weeks after the appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (813) 737 - 7370.

Watts Dental Team

**Pre-Operative Guide**

**🌟 Key Points**
- Medications are important. We've got a plan, just follow along, BRING them in!
- Dress comfortably and make a few simple preparations to ensure a smooth process.

**💊 Medications**
- If we prescribed any meds, bring them all with you and we will administer them at the office.
- If you have blood pressure medication please take it as your doctor has instructed.
- Other meds? Please take post-surgery. If unsure? Call us prior to your appointment. We're here to help.
- Any non-prescribed medications or drugs (CBCD, cannabis, etc) taken MUST be discussed with our team.

**🍞 Pre-Surgery Diet**
- For A.M surgeries no eating or drinking after midnight the night before (other than brushing your teeth and taking
any necessary medication). NO CAFFEINE!
- For P.M surgeries a light meal like toast or yogurt is fine. NO food and drink 6 hours before

**👩🤝👨 Your Ride & Company**
- Bring an adult buddy! They'll need to stay during the procedure and drive you back.
- Longer procedures we may let them leave, but we must meet them before meds are taken, unless prior discussion has
been had with the doctor and office.

**👚 Dressing for Comfort**
- Opt for loose clothing. Sleeves that roll up and comfy, low-heeled shoes are best.
- You will feel tired after and want to go rest. Most important is to be comfortable!

**✨ Prepping for Success**
- Keep contact lenses, jewelry, and dentures at home.
- Skip the nail polish; Remove fake nails; our vital sign monitors work best without it.
- Bring headphones, blankets, or anything that makes you feel at ease.

**🤒 Feeling Under the Weather?**
- Cold, fever, or any symptoms? Give us a heads up before your procedure.
- Cancellations w/in 48 hours may be subject to our cancellation fees.

**🚭 Smoking**
- NO smoking for 24 hours pre-surgery. Consider cutting back or quitting as your procedure date approaches.
-Smoking will slow down the healing process pre and post surgery and increase chances in dry sockets, etc.

**💌 Closing Note**
Your safety and comfort are paramount to us. We're preparing for a seamless experience and we appreciate you doing your
part. Reach out with any questions or concerns. Let's make this smooth together!