Why are my lower teeth crowding?

Many patients ask, “why are my teeth crowding suddenly? They were always straight.” This is a very common phenomenon and the crowding is not sudden, rather a gradual change over time. Every year your lower jaw continues to change a very minimal amount. Some studies have said that every 5-10 years your lower jaw may grow as much as 1mm until the age of 70, where it can then start to shrink! A consequence of this continuous growth can be dental crowding.

Clear aligners are a simple and affordable solution to dental crowding. At Watts Dental, we use a system of clear aligners called Invisalign. There are many different brands of clear aligners, but Invisalign is the most proven successful system to date. Millions of cases have been completed successfully for a variety of conditions ranging from pediatrics to dental crowding in adults.

While you may only notice crowding in the front teeth, you may suffer from an occlusion (“bite”) that is not properly aligned, which can lead to a variety of oral and dental problems. A consultation with your dentist will offer you a comprehensive evaluation, addressing your primary concerns and offering you solutions that fit your lifestyle. For a limited time, at Watts Dental, we are offering complimentary ($0) charge Invisalign consultations. We look forward to giving you the smile you desire (813) 737–7370!

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