Following Your Appointment

  • DO NOT drive for 24 hours if any medical scripts for Oral Sedation were taken, and/or until the effects of the anesthetic have completely subsided. If you only had nitrous oxide, you are able to drive as normal.
  • We adjust your bite during the appointment, but sometimes when you’re numb it may be difficult for you to express to us if your fillings feel high. Once your numbing wears off, if you feel like you are biting high on the filling, please call us for an adjustment. Biting high may prolong pain or sensitivity. Please also let us know if you feel any rough or sharp areas on your filling after your numbing has worn off.


  • Some sensitivity to hot and cold is normal. This may be increased if your filling was deep or closer to the nerve. Sensitivity can last for a couple weeks or go away quickly. It will depend on your body and the depth of the cavity. If the cavity was close to the nerve, we may have discussed with you that we placed a medicine called a pulp cap. Sometimes your body can take that medicine and form a protective layer near the nerve and sensitivity will subside. Other times if pain continues or worsens, this is indicative that the bacteria from the cavity had reached the nerve and the tooth may require a root canal and crown. If pain is not subsiding, please call our office so we can further evaluate.
  • Your gums may be sore over the next few days. It is important to continue to brush and keep the area clean. If you feel that your gums are irritated and swollen and not getting better, rinse with warm salt water (½ tsp salt to ½ cup water) four times daily to help with gum irritation. You may also stop by the office during business hours to purchase some Oxyfresh Dental Gel. Use a Qtip and gently apply the Oxyfresh Dental Gel around your gums 3-5 times a day to enhance healing. This is safe to swallow.
  • If you are experiencing moderate pain, 1 or 2 Tylenol (325mg) or Extra Strength Tylenol (500mg) can be taken every 3-4 hours. If you prefer, Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) can be taken instead. Ibuprofen bought over-the-counter comes in 200mg tablets; 2-3 tablets (400-600mg) can be taken every 3-4 hours. Any persistent, spontaneous pain that is keeping you up at night and does not subside with over the counter medication may be indicative that the tooth needs a root canal. Please call the office so we can help better control your pain. If you are allergic to any of the above medications or have otherwise been instructed not to take them, do not take them.


  • Avoid sticky foods such as gum, Laffy Taffy, caramels, hard foods like peanuts, or chewing ice as they may cause your filling to break.
  • Hot and cold foods may cause general sensitivity.

Oral Hygiene

  • Brush and floss your teeth normally. Avoid all over the counter mouthwash for one week as the alcohol can damage the healing tissue and cause worsening sensitivity.

IN CASE OF A TRUE EMERGENCY AFTER HOURS, PLEASE CALL OUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE LINE: (813) 334-5432 Please contact our office directly during normal business hours for routine postoperative questions.

If you ever experience difficulty in breathing, swallowing, or a feeling of throat closure, please go straight to the emergency room or dial 911. After admission and stabilization, please contact the office.

We are grateful for your trust to perform these procedures and wish you a speedy recovery. If any other concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact the office.