What is the difference between take home whitening and in office whitening?

We live in a fast paced world where everyone wants instant results that last forever. We can guarantee that you walk out of the office with a whiter smile, but how long it will last is up to you!

Whitening performed in the dental office is a great solution for patients wanting instant results, need more aggressive treatment, or do not desire the at home solution. While the results are dramatic and instant, they are not permanent, and your teeth will become darker over time. To prevent this, and maintain the shiny white shade you first received, you will need to perform maintenance at home, once every few weeks for about 1-2 hours to see long term results.

Take home whitening is a great option to whiten your teeth, however, the results are not instantaneous, as compared to in-office whitening. Generally, home whitening solutions are not as strong, and the whitening process will occur gradually after multiple treatments.

Regardless of the location, you choose to whiten your teeth, know that you MUST stay away from colored liquids and sodas for several days after doing either procedure. Teeth are like sponges and will absorb the color of the liquids and foods that we eat. If whiter teeth are something that interests you, consult your local dentist and together you can come up with a plan to reverse this.

At Watts Dental, we want to help you get the results you want! Call us to talk about alternative solutions to achieve the bright, white smile you desire (813) 737–7370!

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