3 Common Dental Floss Questions

What are the are benefits to using dental floss every day?

We cannot even begin to discuss how important daily flossing is for your teeth and gums! Not only does it help prevent cavities, but it also helps eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath and the bacteria that causes periodontal disease which can lead to bone loss.

Why do my gums bleed when I use dental floss?

Many articles explains how flossing is ineffective due to the majority of people are flossing incorrectly. People are actually cutting and slicing their gums open instead of removing the plaque and bacteria.

Am I using dental floss correctly?

Do you remember learning how to floss when you were younger? Was it a teacher at school or just watching your parents floss in the mirror? About 80% of the patients we see floss incorrectly and they are quite surprised when we show them the correct way. Effective flossing is the key to prevent sore, bleeding, and tender gums as well as tartar buildup and staining that can happen in between the teeth.

At Watts Dental, we are here to help educate you on the proper way to maintain a healthy mouth.

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